15 August 2022

Finally, I am back in the game!

From a stay-at-home Mum to becoming the Regional Manager for Innovating Minds. If anyone had told me this in the past, I would not have believed it. I still don’t.

Working from the age of 17, it was never on the cards to not work. Progressing in my career was what gave me life. My last full-time role was within a corporate company, but now, it’s a whole different world; I am working with a welcoming, flexible, and open-minded company. I have gone from selling cakes in a bakery, to a customer service team lead in men’s clothing, to an inspection underwriter, to becoming a mum and now I am the Regional Manager at Innovating Minds. I feel so blessed knowing that this role is making a difference to individuals’ lives. When I bring someone on board to train with Innovating Minds, it brings me peace knowing that this person will now help and support others in their area. Being a Mum has changed me a lot and I never want my children to go through what I read or hear about.

During covid, I started working for a company but unfortunately it went into liquidation when the Prime Minister announced changes to the rules. I remember one Wednesday afternoon; we were called into the office and were told that the business was closing. I was gutted, even though we had all anticipated the news.

My job search continued.

And then, I applied for this role. I had a telephone interview my (now) Manager; I just have to say, Lisa is the calmest person, full of positive energy and it felt like old friends catching up, not an interview! At this stage, I was invited to a second face-to-face interview with Lisa (Manager & Managing Director) and Dr. Asha Patel (CEO & Clinical Psychologist). My heart was in my mouth. I was nervous. I did so much company research, looked at interview tips and tricks, and YouTube and Google became my best friends! I was up the night before prepping, just as I was for my degree (which I have in Business and Advertising). On the day of the interview, my stomach was in knots! But I am a mum, and I must forget my own feelings for a second and get my children ready for school. My daughter is at school and my son is in nursery, so I know there was no better time to get back in the game than right now. I gave them words of affirmation, as usual, so they start their day off on a positive note and I dropped them off and visited the Birmingham office. I am very happy to say that the interview went well, but you know that already; After all, I’m sitting here writing a blog about my journey!

Since being appointed, I have worked hard as the Regional Manager-North UK, I have trained as a Healing Together Facilitator, and I have also completed my Leadership and Management course. I am incredibly grateful for this role and this company. I enjoy working for a flexible, non-toxic organization where I can do the school run and be there for my children; a perfect work-life balance! Working to help children and young people overcome mental health adversities is a true blessing and I intend to continue to grow here just as Innovating Minds continues to grow.


To find out more about the work we do at Innovating Minds or if you are interested in becoming a Healing Together Facilitator, I would love to hear from you.


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