From a young age, my family were racially abused for living here but this is where my career started. I lived above our shop since birth. The top window was my bedroom.  
Since the age of 12, I was a part of the family business. Managing staff three times my age and then running the business at 18; it’s a story that inspires many young females across the U.K. I have presented at international conferences and schools to share my journey, and the hardships I faced to ensure I achieved my own dreams. These sessions were well received and years later, I still receive messages from young people that have progressed their aspirations after being inspired. 
I founded Innovating Minds on leap year day in 2016 after working with high profile murders and sex offenders as a Clinical Psychologist. My frustrations led me to create a model that lets children and young people access expert help more quickly. The community interest company has grown rapidly in the last 7 years, and the team are now working across the UK with Local Authorities, Schools and National Organisations to upskill the existing workforce. 
Innovating Minds commenced a digital transformation in 2019 to scale its services. Our digital transformation journey has demonstrated that young females can be successful in the tech sector. I had no experience of technology or creating a SaaS product, but within 2 years, I’d created two technology products, took them to market and made a surplus income so we can invest in helping more people. This is unique within the technology sector but my passion to make a difference and my motivation to prove I belonged in this space made it successful.  
I am founder, registered Clinical Psychologist and developer  of the Healing Together programmes. These evidence-based programme support children, young people and adults nationally to access early trauma informed help within community settings. The programme supports children and families impacted by domestic abuse, angry feelings and anxiety.   

I’m also the mastermind behind EduPod, the online platform that supports Mental Health Leads to plan, manage and evaluate their journey to create a sustainable Whole School Approach to mental health and wellbeing. 

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