16 March 2020

The Innovative Mind of Dr Asha Patel

Dr Asha Patel grew up above her parent's corner shop in Barnsley and worked in it throughout her childhood and by the age of 18 she was at the helm of her family business. When she graduated from University as a qualified psychologist, she wanted to bring together her business experience and clinical knowledge to help others whilst building a sustainable business model. 

In 2016 she found Innovating Minds, and now works within schools across three local authorities, helping students and staff improve their emotional and mental health through education, training and employment.

Her team of clinical psychologists work from an early intervention model, delivering specialist accessible psychological support within education and the community. We spoke to Asha about how she got started, her business journey and how she manages the rapid growth Innovating Minds has experienced. 

Follow the link to read the full article: https://www.weareumi.co.uk/news/topics/corporate-social-responsibility/the-innovative-mind-of-dr-asha-patel



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