There is a growing trend in the awareness of mental health and the successful use of social media as a platform for disseminating information on emotional wellbeing difficulties (Latha et al., 2020). Furthermore, social media has been found to be an important platform to extend support to individuals with mental health difficulties (Saha et al., 2017).  


As Social Media Executive at Innovating Minds, I love writing about the exciting growth and news of Innovating Minds’ services online through our social media platforms and sharing helpful resources to enable our service to support the emotional wellbeing of more children, young people and adults. 
I have been working for Innovating Minds since 2017, initially working in the clinical team as a Senior Assistant Psychologist and now working for them part-time as the Social Media Executive.  I spend the rest of my time working in the NHS as a Trainee High Intensity Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist. Whilst not working, you will find me enjoying spending time with my friends and family, or at home in my pyjamas watching reality TV (a non-guilty pleasure!). 


My interests lie in helping and empowering individuals to achieve their potential in all aspects of their lives. It has been a privilege witnessing the growth of Innovating Minds over the past 5 years and it is wonderful to see the expansion of our services from the delivery of the Healing Together Programmes, to Edupod, the Senior Mental Health Leads Training Courses and the Clinical Supervision Hub. 


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 Latha, K., Meena, K. S., Pravitha, M. R., Dasgupta, M., & Chaturvedi, S. K. (2020). Effective use of social media platforms for promotion of mental health awareness. Journal of education and health promotion,9. 


Saha, K., Weber, I., Birnbaum, M. L., & De Choudhury, M. (2017). Characterizing awareness of schizophrenia among Facebook users by leveraging Facebook advertisement estimates. Journal of medical Internet research,19(5), e6815. 

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