9 February 2023

Measuring Social Impact-why it is important to us

I have been working at Innovating Minds for over 3 years. Initially, I joined the team as an Administrator to an amazing team of Clinical Psychologists, working on one of our community mental health projects. Fast forward 18 months to the successful end of the project, I was then offered the opportunity to stay on and work to support Healing Together and EduPod. Of course, I said YES! I have now been the Social Impact Administrator for 2 years and it’s a pleasure being part of the services developing and seeing the team grow.

My role is dedicated to monitoring and measuring the impact of all our services including Healing Together Facilitator Training Programme and its delivery throughout the UK, EduPod and the Senior Mental Health Lead Training as well as the Clinical Supervision Hub.

As an organisation we are dedicated to offering an evidence-based approach to all that we do. The services we provide are all developed using evidence-based theories and techniques, and our approach to measuring the impact is no different. Measuring the impact of our services means that we can demonstrate the value that investing in these services can have. We take a standardised approach to look at our customers journey from beginning to end which enables us to accurately measure the efficacy and impact of both the training and support we offer.

In relation to Healing Together, we measure the delivery of the programme to children across the UK to evidence its impact on children affected by trauma. I have the great pleasure of seeing amazing outcomes for the children who are supported, and I get to read the real testimonies about their experiences of the programme. Nothing speaks louder about the impact this programme has on the lives of children than this, and I am proud to be part of sharing these outcomes with our customers, potential customers as well as funders past, present and future.

Please visit our website where you can download our latest impact report https://www.healing-together.co.uk/

To end, I would like to take a moment to share some recent feedback:

Healing Together Training-'I would recommend this to all childcare/education professionals, this stuff needs to be widely talked about. This is a course to give you a greater understanding of how domestic abuse affects children and their safe parent and how they can be supported moving forward. This training hasn't just helped me professionally, it changed my personal life, I am now more present emotionally for my children and invite them to do the breathing exercises with me. This really resonated with me and honestly has changed the way I parent, so thank you!'

Healing Together Children’s Feedback- I will recommend this to other kids. This has really helped me, and I enjoyed coming to this group. I think this course has really helped me. We did breathing skills, hand skills and talking skills. Also, movement/touches for one example of calming with your hands is squeezing it.’

SMHL Training- ‘I thought the online training was excellent - Lorraine encouraged the group to share so we benefited from the experience of a wide range of settings in addition to the course content. The coaching session I had recently was also excellent. Tanya had done a significant amount of preparation for the meeting, so we made the most of the time. She was able to answer my questions and by preparing a summary statement in advance, lead a discussion that will fully maximise the impact of the course and the process, on the mental health of my school community. Thank you.’

Clinical Supervision Hub- Really enjoy clinical supervision, nice to get the perspective of someone that's not within the company. Given me some advice to help support myself and my wellbeing.’

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please visit https://www.innovatingmindscic.com/

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