27 April 2020

FREE Webinars: The impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health in the Education Sector

On Wednesday 22nd April we launched our series of weekly webinars to support mental health leads and senior leaders in the education sector to create mentally healthy environments. 

These Webinars are powered by EduPod, our online platform to support schools create mentally healthy environments. 

You can sign up or download the webinars for FREE by clicking on the text. 

Scheduled Webinars:

22nd April: The impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health in the Education Sector by Dr Asha Patel

29th April: What is a Whole School Approach? by Dr Asha Patel 

6th May: Domestic Abuse & The Impact on Children: What Can Schools Do? By Dr Asha Patel & Jane Evans 

13th May: Gangs & Violence: Supporting Students. By Robin Thompson & Dr Asha Patel

20th May: The Role of a Mental Health Lead in Education by Clare Erasmus & Dr Asha Patel

27th May: Inclusive Education: Supporting LGBT+ Students by Adam McCann & Dr Asha Patel

3rd June: The Sleep Clinic: Improve Your Family's Sleep by Dr Maja Schaedel (Clinical Psychologist) & Dr Zoe Schaedel (GP) 

10th June: Supporting Staffs Mental Health in Schools by Annie Poole

18th June:Emotionally Regulating our Students by Dr Karen Trisman (available till 31st July) 

24th June: The Healing Together Facilitators Programme Launch by Dr Asha Patel & Jane Evans 

24th June: Using Therapeutic Strategies to Manage Behaviour That Challenges Us - (Prerecorded Session)

2nd JulyUnderstanding Loss by Mike Armiger 

8th July: Understanding Attachment in Educational Settings by Dr Sarah-Jane Knight

15th JulyImplementing Therapeutic Strategies within Educational Settings by Mary Meredith 



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