14 August 2018

Don’t let exam setbacks derail you

If you don’t get the exam results you were expecting this week, don’t worry, Dr Asha Patel is here to help…

This month, thousands of students across England will pick up their AS and A Level results. Sadly, not every student will feel like celebrating because they will not receive the grades they were hoping for.

That’s what happened to me when it came to my AS levels. I went with my two closest friends to pick up my results. I opened up the brown envelope and scanned the piece of paper. That couldn’t be right. I was crying down the phone when I called my father to tell him the bad news. He came to pick me up and I sat in silence because I was so shocked.

My friend had got three grade As and I couldn’t even be pleased for her because I was so overwhelmed. I just wanted to leave school immediately and never look back. I decided I would go to college instead and, without thinking it through, I phoned the local college to find out how to enrol. At that point I didn’t care what subject I chose, I just needed to fix the problem and have a plan in place. 

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