10 December 2018

Darren's journey: Depression & Anxiety

Darren is 19 years old and has a history of depression and anxiety. Here he describes his journey through some very dark days and the help that he has received since he enrolled in Progress.

I met Asha and Heather from Innovating Minds at a time when I was really down. I just could not do anything right but I had 15 one-to-one sessions with Heather and she showed me different relaxation techniques and taught me how to use breathing to control anxiety.

I am feeling better these days. Before, I didn’t want to live but now things are opening up for me. I’ve just been for an interview for retail work, collecting deliveries from a trolley putting them on the shelves in the shop and helping the customers.

“I feel quite positive now. Even if I don’t get this job, I think I am coping better and there is always a chance of more work experience.

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