26 September 2019

Innovating Minds supports HR Apprenticeship

At Innovating Minds, we are proudly supporting our Office Manager, Tracey Harber, through her HR Support CIPD Level 3 Apprenticeship.

The Human Resources Support Level 3 apprenticeship develops individuals’ skills in managing day-to-day HR queries and advice, plus HR processes such as recruitment, employee relations and performance and reward management. The apprenticeship also develops skills and behaviours to work across all disciplines in HR.

Tracey is learning through a blend of eLearning, workshops and one-to-ones, which has enabled her to make decisions and recommendations on HR at Innovating Minds.

Subsequently, Tracey has been supporting the organisation with applying best practice and instigating changes, including: a new induction process, improving employee relations and supporting changes to Innovating Minds’ recruitment strategy.

Line manager, Dr Asha Patel has been supporting Tracey in completing the 16-month course and we are so proud that Tracey is passing the course with flying colours (woohoo!), with 4 assignments down and 2 to go.

“I am thoroughly enjoying the course, have learnt more in the last year than I have in the last 10 years of my career. I’m loving being able to take my learning into the workplace and change processes and policies for the better”

Tracey Harber, Office Manager

Keep up the good work Tracey, we're so proud of you! 

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