23 April 2020

“Best help I have ever received for my mental health."

Tina struggles with Depression which is further exacerbated by the pain she experiences from her osteoarthritis.  Prior to working with Innovating Minds, Tina had been unemployed for 18 months and struggled to motivate herself to even get out of bed in the morning.  Her depression impacted on all aspects of her daily life; she experienced social isolation due to her low mood and struggled with job searching as a result of her lack of motivation.

Tina was referred to Innovating Minds by her local Job Centre and received 4 months of psychological support- mainly CBT; focusing on her low mood and lack of motivation.  Tina also received support around returning to education and the job searching process. Tina’s main goals were to manage her mood and pain better, and to return to work.

Tina has felt a significant improvement in her mental health and in her words has “never felt this happy in 10 years”.  She feels more motivated and is hopeful for the future.  Tina has enrolled on a flower arranging course at her local college and has also gained part time employment as a Catering Assistant.

Tina had this to say about the support she received from Innovating Minds:

“Best help I have ever received for my mental health.  I am now looking forward to my future and I feel I can cope with my mental health”

“Never felt this happy in 10 years”


Find out more about the BBO Evolve programme: https://www.innovatingmindscic.com/bbo-evolve-programme


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