7 April 2020

Janice’s mental health has improved significantly, and she is feeling more confident'

Janice struggles with anxiety, depression and low self-confidence, which has impacted on her ability to leave the house and to look for jobs.  Janice also struggles with issues with her physical health, which limits the type of work she is able to do.  Janice has previous work experience in many different roles such as factory work, supervisory roles, secretarial roles and cleaning.  Janice was made redundant from her previous job and has been unemployed for 180 months following this.

Janice was referred to Innovating Minds by the Job Centre in Tamworth and has received 5 months of support to address her mental health difficulties.  Janice has had one to one CBT therapy sessions with Holly with the goal of improving her mental health and her self-confidence for her to move closer to getting a job.

Janice’s mental health has improved significantly, and she is feeling more confident.  She is more aware of what she needs to do to move closer to her long-term goals. As part of this Janice has enrolled and started an IT skills course to improve her IT skill set and help her to achieve her goal of gaining employment in an administrative role.

Janice had this to say about the support she received from Innovating minds:

 “Holly is a very understanding person, she has helped me try and overcome my anxiety”

Find out more about the BBO Evolve programme: https://www.innovatingmindscic.com/bbo-evolve-programme


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