Mandy struggles with anxiety and low self-confidence.  This impacted many areas of her life, such as social interactions and ability to work.  Due to her anxiety Mandy was very socially isolated and struggled to go out, especially when this involved new people/situations.

On referral to Innovating Minds Mandy had been unemployed for 2 years.  Prior to this she had many years’ experience in quality inspection and had an NVQ in health and social care. 

Mandy was referred to Innovating Minds by Shaw Trust in Tamworth for support with her anxiety.  Mandy’s main goals were to improve her confidence and reduce her anxiety with an overall aim to get back into employment.  Mandy received 3 months of psychological support, with Dr Zoe Cross, focusing mainly on her anxiety and low confidence. 

Mandy made significant progress in these areas and as a result gained part-time employment as a housekeeper/cleaner in a local restaurant.  Mandy stated that she feels much better in herself and is really enjoying her new job.

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