20 September 2023

Salutem partners with Innovating Minds to support childhood trauma

By: Jade Lake

Salutem Care and Education’s Children's Division partners with Innovating Minds to support childhood trauma.

Salutem Care and Education's Children's Division has launched a landmark partnership with multi-award-winning community interest company Innovating Minds, setting a precedent as the first residential children’s home service to take progressive steps to deliver trauma informed care.

This collaboration will profoundly enrich the skill set of frontline staff, transforming them into trauma informed practitioners using the Innovating Minds Healing Together programme.

Childhood trauma, with its far-reaching effects and myriad manifestations, can be challenging to navigate. Through the Healing Together programme, staff will receive comprehensive training to understand the depth and breadth of childhood trauma. This will provide them with a unique lens to recognise trauma reactions, its triggers, and how to use a body-based approach for supporting these reactions. Furthermore, the partnership aims to create a safer, more nurturing environment for the children in the home.

Innovating Minds was founded in 2016 by Dr Asha Patel with a mission to improve early trauma-informed support for children, young people, parents, and carers. The Healing Together programme was developed to help train staff in vitally important trauma-informed techniques with an expert-led, supportive programme that helps settings to improve outcomes for the children they care for.

Karen Jackson, Divisional Director - Children at Salutem Care and Education, expressed her enthusiasm: “This partnership marks a transformative era in child care. Equipping our staff with the knowledge and tools from the Healing Together programme ensures that the children we support get the most informed care possible. Our collaboration with Innovating Minds is not just an investment in our team, but a beacon of hope for every child in our care who has faced trauma.”

Dr Asha Patel, Clinical Psychologist, and founder of Innovating Minds said: “Childhood trauma can have far-reaching consequences, and understanding the challenges that children face plays a crucial role in delivering outstanding care and improving outcomes for young people. Our partnership with Salutem Care and Education is a commitment to build a sustainable, trauma informed culture and environment that nurtures and supports the mental health and wellbeing of frontline staff and the children in their care.”

For the children under Salutem Care and Education's wing, this is more than just a programme – it’s a lifeline. This partnership reaffirms the company’s commitment to elevating the quality of care and understanding they provide to the individuals it supports.



For further information contact Caroline Walker on 01325 363436

Editor’s Notes:

Salutem Care and Education is a national provider of care, support and education to individuals with complex needs, including those with a learning disability, autism, mental ill health and physical disabilities.  Salutem Care and Education includes Modus Care Group, Pathways Care Group, Clearwater Care Group and the former Scope regulated services.

Innovating Minds is a multi-award-winning social enterprise that was founded to allow children and young people with emotional and mental health needs to be supported at the earliest point possible. Established in 2016 by Dr Asha Patel, the company’s mission is to enable a world where children, young people and families can access early trauma informed help to transform lives.




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